Does anyone have information on number and proportion of internet users per country worldwide (or for as many countries as possible)?

Other useful related statistics:

  • Regularity of internet usage
  • Demographics of internet usage (age-group, sex, level of education...?)
  • Mobile internet usage

Any help appreciated.

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The ITU - International Telecommunication Union - also publish a small number of datasets relating to communications usage/adoption: ITU free statistics.

The ITU ICT Eye/ICT Statistics database currently lets you download annual datasets relating to:

  • Fixed-telephone subscriptions
  • Mobile cellular subscriptions
  • Percentage of individuals using the Internet, fixed Internet subscriptions, fixed (wired)-broadband subscriptio

They also publish a list of links to national telecoms agencies and national statistics sites.


answered 02 Mar, 19:55

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Brilliant - thanks so much!

(05 Mar, 13:44) lucychambers ♦♦

See Internet Users (per 100 people) from the World Bank data site.


answered 27 Feb, 08:33

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Thank you - excellent :)

(27 Feb, 08:34) lucychambers ♦♦
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