How do the measured values relate to a reasonable scale of everyday experience? Can we identify ONE normalized measure that would help to put numbers in context?

News provided by official media in Japan is apparently still short on factual/objective/integral information needed for guidance and acting decisively. The INSTITUTE OF INFORMATION DESIGN JAPAN is looking for people who can explain a number of questions preferrably in a visual, concise form. So if you're an INFORMATION DESIGNER or know any, join the cause, get in touch (email, Twitter, Facebook, Yammer, LinkedIn), ask for additional data & info! We'll try to feed you with the data/information you need. [Original press release]

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Why did you: - not link to a copy of the original announcement? - remove the contact details provided in the original announcement and replace them with a link to your personal Twitter account?

(21 Mar '11, 10:48) psychemedia ♦♦

sorry, my fault. i received the announcement via email, without contact details + just flipped through your annotations

(21 Mar '11, 12:38) Margit

xkcd has just published a chart that visualises dosage levels in terms of "everyday" medical procedures, but it is rather text heavy: Radiation Dose Chart


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There's an alternative Infographic, published by the National Post (Antonio via flowingdata)


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