Where can I get a list of all ocean-going oil tankers together with their owners.

By owner I don't mean the immediate corporate owner (though that would still be useful) but the ultimate entity (e.g. parent corporation) that controls that vessel.

asked 27 Jan '11, 11:58

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This is not an answer to your question but just records a few ship related sites.

There are a number of commercial sources such as http://www.ship-info.com/ or restricted sites http://www.equasis.org/ sites with copyright data http://www.digital-seas.com/ but also some amateur sites (which I cant find now).

http://www.shipais.com includes data about the ships it plots - eg. http://www.shipais.com/showship.php?mmsi=256933000 but I'm not sure where that comes from now. Worth investigating.

The ITU holds public details about MMSI numbers in their MARS database which does hold some category data , but its limited - here is the data for tanker with the above MMSI and the database is only searchable by MMSI, name or callsign.

The best source though you need to register and search by individual boat is equasis which contains full ownership details. According to the website
France and the European Commission shared the cost of developing and running Equasis until 31 December 2001 when the maritime authorities of the United Kingdom, Spain, Singapore and Japan also agreed to support Equasis financially. The budget of Equasis is agreed and provided by the Equasis MoU members. It is anticipated that the use of this website will remain free for the foreseeable future

Might be worth an approach although it goes on to state No part of the information contained in the Equasis website may be stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form, or by any means without prior permission in writing from Equasis.

A good target for a campaign to open it up perhaps?


answered 27 Jan '11, 16:40

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This a great response Kit -- even though does not answer immediate question :-) We should really add some of these datasets onto http://ckan.net/

(29 Jun '11, 22:26) rgrp ♦♦

I don't know if this is directly pertinent - but Marinemapper exports KML files, and seems to have links to a lot of information about the vessels themselves.

Vesseltracker also provides data about a variety of ship types, although it's commercial.


answered 28 Jun '11, 22:03

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Marinemapper seems really interesting but can't tell if the data is open. Is it worth doing an IsItOpenData request?

(29 Jun '11, 22:28) rgrp ♦♦
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