The OECD Development Assistance Committee has codes for organisations which are used in DAC statistics and in IATI data. There is a list of these codes and their names and abbreviations in English and French, but I can't find any further data, for example authoritative data about the organisation or its website.

Information about tehe code itself and examples are at The list of activities is in the spreadsheet.

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Have you tried (1) plugging the organization codes into the search form at the bottom of the page for which you provided the link, or (2) following the organization code links on the list of "Known Organizations"? (see Either method takes you to a summary page with additional links. There are web sites listed for some organizations, and for organizations with aid activities, there are links to summaries of those activities. Also, the list at includes hyperlinks in the names of the organizations with web sites.

(29 Apr, 02:10) re-search-er ♦

Hi re-search-er - OpenCirce is my site. The data I was looking for, like websites ,is slowly being found and added to the database of organisations, so I'm steadily answering my own question. The data on aid activities comes from another site which I've developed for IATI data and is incomplete at present.

In general this site doesn't retain any data of its own, it merely acquires it on demand by extracting from other sites or creating links to other sites. Hence I was looking for sources which already use these codes but so far I haven't found anything.

(29 Apr, 07:59) kitwallace

Hi kitwallace - Please excuse me for telling you how to navigate your site...I feel rather foolish...but now I understand what you are trying to do (I think).

(29 Apr, 17:33) re-search-er ♦

As re-search-er has discovered, my site has been enhanced to partially answers this question. Links to websites or to information about the organisation are being garnered - most numerical codes have data and there are computed links to, for example Wikipedia. There is also a link to IATI activity data which is at present a partial dataset extracted via the IATI CKAN registry.

I'd still appreciate info on other uses of the DAC codes.


answered 29 Apr, 08:10

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