Is there anywhere I can find data about schools in a particular area?

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The TSO OpenUp Labs education page has a couple of example queries that might help?

For example, the following looks up the names of schools in the Bristol administrative district:

PREFIX sch-ont: <>

  ?school a sch-ont:School;
  sch-ont:establishmentName ?name;
  sch-ont:districtAdministrative <>.
} ORDER BY ?name LIMIT 10

and this query looks up the secondary schools in the Birmingham admin district:

PREFIX sch-ont: <>
PREFIX rdfs: <>

       ?school a sch-ont:School;
       sch-ont:establishmentName ?name;
       sch-ont:phaseOfEducation ?phaseOfEducation;
       sch-ont:districtAdministrative ?da.
       ?phaseOfEducation rdfs:label "Secondary".
       ?da rdfs:label "Birmingham".
} ORDER BY ?name LIMIT 10

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It depends what you mean by "data" and "in an area"...;-) points to an education datastore with a SPARQL endpoints at:

  • Talis:

  • TSO:

This includes information about schools such as address, name, number of pupils, reference/administrative number/identifier, phase of education, type of establishment and more.

If you want to look up schools in a particular area, you need to identify the area in some way. The TSO OpenUp Labs website gives a few examples of how to find schools in a particular locale, such as the "administrative district of Birmingham", using the following components:

PREFIX sch-ont: <>
?school sch-ont:districtAdministrative ?da.
?da rdfs:label "Birmingham".

You can be more specific using an identifier for an administrative area as the following example for "City of Bristol" suggests:

?school sch-ont:districtAdministrative <>.

There is also a browsable HTML view over the education datastore that uses the Linked Data API at:

This can be used to build up SPARQL queries via a facet based visual query builder.

You might also want to search for the term schools or education

The Guardian datastore has a few spreadsheets in its datastore relating to primary and secondary education too, such as GCSE results:

Rubbish answer I'm afraid, but it was a rubbish question too...;-)


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I think the examples in both the answers are querying data from a DfEE database called the 'Register of Educational Establishments'. It was in NDAD until that service was shut down last year, but the CSV data can now be downloaded from TNA's Documents Online service. REE was succeeded by Edubase, which has its own site: but that doesn't appear to provide data download, only queries.

(21 Jan '11, 17:16) cziwkga
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