I am looking around for datasets mainly in the form of natural language text corpus, that has been redacted by experts/authority. So far I found only enron dataset that has been redacted ... but it appears only a few specific things(like employee mail-id etc) were redacted, which will not be beneficial for feature extraction. Something like declassified government records, company data would be awesome; medical records would probably be comparatively easier to get, but are quite unrelated to the problem. Any idea if such dataset is available?

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Copying in your text from crosspost, hopefully that will help solve your query:

Q. how do you want to use the data? A. @John Salvatier the goal is redacted :D ... actually I want to do some analysis on what kind of information generally gets redacted in free form text documents. In other words what sorts of information do people consider sensitive - and if its possible to use some machine learning algorithms to aid automatic redaction. I read sometime back Xerox had something like this - but there's no more info on how that can be done. I have some idea I want to try out, but no data ...

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We do not have redacted data (if I understand what you are looking for) but we have a couple of corpora available that might serve another purpose. It includes some Enron data, gov't docs, etc.:

(1) Open American National Corpus (OANC): 15 million words of text across a variety of genres, including government docs and medical records etc. These come with lots of linguistic annotations but you could ignore these and pull out only the files with a txt extension. http://www.anc.org/OANC

(2) A smaller 500K corpus (MASC) across 20 genres (25K each), also partly with lots of linguistic annotation. The text-only data can be downloaded at http://www.anc.org/MASC/Download.html (look for Full MASC data only).

I also have a small 100K corpus of declassified documents from the FDR Library, comprised of internal administration correspondence concerning Japanese-American relations in the 6 months prior to Pearl Harbor. I do not believe that anything has been redacted in these, though.

Best, Nancy Ide


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