What are the radiation levels - at any part of the country? we do not have access to MAPS of current levels- some of the official maps simply omit locations of most concern...

News provided by official media in Japan is apparently still short on factual/objective/integral information needed for guidance and acting decisively. The INSTITUTE OF INFORMATION DESIGN JAPAN is looking for people who can explain a number of questions preferrably in a visual, concise form. So if you're an INFORMATION DESIGNER or know any, join the cause, get in touch (email, Twitter, Facebook, Yammer, LinkedIn), ask for additional data & info! We'll try to feed you with the data/information you need. [Original press release]

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for more info check out http://visualassistance.tumblr.com or contact @designmeetsdata

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The Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) publishes some radiation/location data via the Nuclear Safety Division and its System for Prediction of Environment Emergency Dose Information(SPEEDI).

An (unverified) accessible version of the data is being maintained via a Google spreadsheet published by Marian Steinbach.

RDTN.org is an independent site mapping official and user-collected data. User-collected data is being solicited through Pachube. I'm not sure if they are making an aggregate data feed available, or how they are locating data sources on Pachube?

The SPEEDI data is also being visualised on this Japanese live radiation levels TargetMap map

A series of visualisations have been created using OpenHeatMap; the O'Reilly Radar blog has a summary - Radiation visualizations paint a different picture of Japan

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