Underlying motivational question: Should the EU fund a large number of initiatives (from individuals and non institutionalised groups) with small sums, or a small number of large entitites (e.g consortia) with large funds?

  • Background: if you look at EU funding it seems to give out relatively large amounts of money to consortia (e.g. FP7)

So to answer this question one would interested in:

  • How much money is spent with large projects (more than 1m), medium (100k-1m), small (20k-100k) and micro (0-20k) projects
  • How many of these are consortia projects and how many members are there of the consortia (and how much does each member get)

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re your motivational question see results (via Volkskrant report) of a recent study undertaken in the Netherlands (by the Rathenau Instituut) re their national scientific funding focus: http://friendfeed.com/egonw/a05a9bdc/finally-someone-who-makes-sense-of-stupidity

(21 Mar '11, 18:37) koltzenburg

You'll need two numbers and a classification for recipients:

1. Average funding amount per recipient You could start by getting the average funding amount per recipient (total funding amount divided by number of recipients).

2. Market value delivered because of project You will need a measure of utility to use to establish a comparison over time with the average funding amount per recipient. This could be done at the programme level or the the recipient level. An example would be market value of deliverables in terms of assets, revenue or tax payable resulting from activities related to the receipt of funds.

Classification To answer the question "What type is the recipient?" you could have a number of options, e.g.: - Individual - Organisation - Consortia

N.b. Organisation could then be classified with existing taxonomies to cover the typical groupings based on: - ACTIVITY: e.g. UK Standard Industrial Classification of Economic Activities - SIZE: e.g. Turnover, Employees, Capital Employed, Profit or Stock Market Value - LEGAL STRUCTURE: e.g. Local Authority, Ltd, Plc, Charity


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