Dear all, I am a student researcher in search and IR. I wanted to study the occasional increase in popularity of queries and associated increase in content generated which are relevant to the query. For example, when Egypt protests occurred, the search engine queries having "Egypt" keyword increased and the related news articles containing "Egypt" also increased.

I believe that search engine query logs as well as associated crawl data are difficult to get. Hence, if there are other resources also giving the same idea, kindly let me know.

Thanks in advance,

Sincerely, Harisankar H

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You can get a vague idea of the relative volumes of different searches on Google web search from Google Trends and Google Insights for Search. Google Trends also gives an indication of the volume of news stories relating to a particular search term, and an option to export the data as CSV. I'm not sure how the data is licensed for use though?

The Guardian Platform API also provides a basis for discovering the number of news stories on a particular topic published by the Guardian. For example, see the Guardian Trends mashup.

Trendistic allows you to plot the volume of updates mentioning specified terms on Twitter, but I don't know of any similar tools that show the volume of searches by term on Twitter.


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Thanks psychemedia for the reply. Google trends seems like a very good option. But, the problem with Google trends is that it is giving query/news reference volumes relative to the specified keywords only(even with fixed scaling). I want to get an idea about how the query/reference popularity changed in absolute terms eg. x queries/sec to y queries/sec within z minutes/secs. As you mentioned, it is difficult to use Guardian and Trendistic data as they give only the content info, not of queries. In my particular case, I need both. Please give more hints if possible. Thanks again!

(09 Mar '11, 11:22) harisankarh

By the by, I just spotted this analysis of time series data from Google Insights for Search using R: eBooks in Education - Looking at Trends [ ]

It seems that Google Insights for search does have a data export option too - a Download as CSV link at the top right of the page.

(11 Mar '11, 12:42) psychemedia ♦♦
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