I have a local issue installing R packages for students, so I Googled a bit and found this nice code which plots error bars:

my.values <- c(10, 5) err1 <- c(.5,.3) x <- barplot(my.values, ylim=c(0,12)) arrows(x,my.values-.5 ,x,my.values+.5, code=3, angle=90, length=.1) box()

This works fine, but what I would like to do is adapt this to plot my own data, e.g. If I have two files of means and standard deviations:

means <- c(34,47,58,46)

stdevs <- c(19,29,20,19)

how can I adapt the code so that I can plot this with the sd as the error bar on each mean value?

asked 08 Mar '11, 14:13

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This example has some nice explanation that helped me to answer your question.

?barplot and ?arrows were also helpful for understanding all the options available

means <- c(34,47,58,46)
stdevs <- c(19,29,20,19)

barx <- barplot(means, ylim=c(0, max(means+stdevs)))
# This assumes that the bars are all positive. If you expect negative data, you can do:
# ylim=c(min(means-stdevs), max(means+stdevs))

arrows(barx, means+stdevs, barx, means-stdevs, angle=90, code=3, length=0.1)
# barx stores the x positions for the arrows

If you actually have a comma-delimited file with the means in the first column and stdevs in the second column, you can modify the code as follows:

data <- read.csv("data.csv")
means <- data[,1]
stdevs <- data[,2]

answered 16 Mar '11, 15:49

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