lists spend over £25,000 for a large number of departments - but often it's provided in monthly spreadsheets.

I know OpenlyLocal is aggregating local government spending, but is anyone pulling together all these files on national government spending and making them available to query?

asked 14 Feb '11, 14:59

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Tim Davies
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Tim, you might be interested in which has all of the data listed on the site. While this mainly allows for full-text search and aggregated queries via the API at the moment, I hope that we can start offering some basic visualization of the data by the end of this month.

I would also be very interested in learning about any specific questions you might have for diving into the 25k data - those are the stuff our tickets are made of ;-)

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answered 14 Feb '11, 18:39

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pudo ♦♦
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Fantastic. So if I wanted to search for mention of a particular supplier I would need to try something like "dataset:departments to:supplierName" and if nothing is returned then it's pretty likely that said supplier is not mentioned by name in spending > £25k between May and September 2010 from Central Gov Depts listed here: ?

It would be really handy to be able to either pull out a full set of data to play with in Google Refine, or to at least get lists of unique suppliers mentioned etc.

(14 Feb '11, 19:27) Tim Davies

We're working to get the full set of data in there (the issue at the moment is trying to track down all the different spreadsheets!). On your specific questions I think we should be able to give you a way to answer (2) and on (1) we already have support for csv / json exports from the web interface but the issue here is that this dataset is rather big! Perhaps worth coming and asking the wdmmg-discuss list ...

(15 Feb '11, 09:00) rgrp ♦♦

We're also pulling together links to all the underlying datasets in this ckan package:


answered 14 Feb '11, 18:47

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rgrp ♦♦
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Thanks Rufus. The python script looks really handy indeed.

(14 Feb '11, 19:29) Tim Davies
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