One of the problems associaied with geocoding placenames accurately is disambiguating which of several different placenames might be the one you want.

Following on from John Goodwin/@gothwin's A Crude BBC Places Linked Data mashup, which explores the use place information released within some of the BBC /programmes Linked Data, I wondered whether the Coast programme had location data associated with each programme (it doesn't seem to - yet).

As placenames or rough locations are included in the Coast programme title and synopsis, these can be passed to a geocoder to get lat/long co-ordinate data. However, we also have additional information that the place lies somewhere on the UK coastline, which would limit the range of acceptable responses.

So my question is this: is there a way of geocoding placenames with a search limit such as 'within 5 miles of the UK coastline'?

asked 20 Jan '11, 09:59

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psychemedia ♦♦
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You can get a list of 'extreme' points in the UK from this wikipedia page:

This will let you form a 'minimum bounding rectangle' for either GB or UK whose corners are then determined by the north, south, east and west extremities. You could then check that you lat/long lies within this rectangle. It will be a bit crude as you'll include bits of France and Ireland...but it's a start?


answered 20 Jan '11, 11:48

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John Goodwin
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I guess the approximation could go further and posit one or more inner rectangles that are classed as inland points?

(20 Jan '11, 11:57) psychemedia ♦♦

Check and see if you can find something useful.


answered 20 Jan '11, 13:28

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