Is there anywhere I can find a list of hospitals in the UK along with location information (lat/long), or at least an address?

asked 11 Dec '10, 19:35

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This question prompted me to scrape to create this XML file of 1135 hospitals.

Geocoded via Google , there are a few misses

Generated kml is here:

Seems to provide good coverage and accuracy of England but Wales, NI and Scotland very sparse.


answered 15 Jan '11, 00:46

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Coverage not complete - some hospitals I know exist but not in there: Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, Stirling Royal Infirmary, Balfour Hospital Kirkwall. Still v useful though I'm sure, especially with the geocoding work you've done.

(15 Jan '11, 09:05) keithalexander

This dataset might well help you:

I've created a sample query to get Primary Care Trust Sites (which includes hospitals):

Hope this helps!


answered 13 Mar, 18:00

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John Goodwin
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There is a (possibly broken?) scraper for NHS hospital locations on ScraperWiki:

I'm not sure if it's possible to construct a query over the NHS organisation data on Kasabi that will identify hospitals and then pull out address information?


answered 13 Mar, 11:50

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The NHS Choices API appears to have this data accessible by API, but not in dataset form.

Based on finding the URLs used to drive this rewired state hack there appears to be an API with URIs of the form for fetching by postcode.

Type = 5 is Hospitals.

API Keys available by e-mailing address listed at here who I guess will also supply documentation.


answered 13 Mar, 12:06

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Tim Davies
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I've not done it myself, but...

There's a set of healthcare amenities on Open Streetmap:

Of which Hospital is one:

And location info can be pulled out of there using a variety of techniques, overviewed here:


answered 13 Mar, 13:49

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